Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dressing for a Wedding

Just the other night while doing some research, I was reminded of the lovely shop selling hats and bonnets similar to the ones worn by the endearing heroines in the Jane Austen films - Austentation Regency Accessories. Being an admirer of Marianne's outfit in the picnic scene in Sense & Sensibility, I finally decided to purchase the hat.

Of course, the thought process from the buying of the hat to necessity of making the gown to wear with it took place within seconds. No sooner had I arrived there, than were my thoughts rudely interrupted by, "Where shall it be worn?" I always manage to create an event, but it does get rather dull doing that ~ knowing that you will be one of the few in period clothing.

However, by Divine Inspiration, I remembered Emily's wedding in April. So, as long as Emily doesn't mind my wearing a Regency gown and hat, then I have a wonderful event to wear it to!

In the mean time, I have my Easter dress to alter, some scrub tops to make, and maybe some dresses for the little girls (inspiration from April Cornell!). Perhaps some new, pretty aprons for the Soup Kitchen, too.

Much love and prayers,